Gilmore Girls Ep. 7-006 "French Twist"

Rating: 4
So, okay, I almost gave up on this after the second episode. It seemed to me, at the time, that Lorelei (Lauran Graham) will go through her usual men-problems. Then Christophber (David Sutcliffe) came back into her life and rekindled their old romance.
Now wasn't that used countless times within the past 6 seasons of the series?
Of course now Christopher is divorced and has a young daughter whose mother suddenly realized she was prepared to become a mother and asked her ex-husband if he could bring their daughter to Paris to be with her. By this time Christopher and Lorelei are head over heels in love with each other it's...ridiculous! I am not going to bore you with details because if your'e a die-hard fan, you already know what's going on.
Rory (Alexis Bledel) is going through some...thing this season. I dunno what's wrong with her. She's been kinda like off since she lost her virginity to Dean (Jared Padalecki) a couple of seasons ago. I have to admit I liked the Rory-Dean relationship, then Jesse (Milo Ventimiglia) came into the picture and created a mess of the Rory-Dean 'ship and faster than a speeding bullet, Dean was out and Jesse was in! Like, WTF?!?!?!? That was one of the reasons why I stopped watching this series after its first season.
In this season, her new bf Logan (Matt Czuchry), a rich kid who lands a dream job in the UK, seems...well, I dunno. When I watched some episodes from last season, I was thrilled by their relationship. I mean, mind you it was kinda like an FWB (friends with benefits) type of relationship at first that morphed into something solid; something real, like this one. But over all and I am not feeling the love between this two.
OK, on to the twist in last night's episode.
Christopher proposed. The camera panned in on Lorelie before it faded and after the commercial break it was a different scene. We didn't see Christopher and Lorelei in Paris again until the end, when the big reveal was announced; Lorelie Gilmore she is no more, instead she has become Lorelie Hayden -- Christopher's wife!
I say even though she's got a ring on her finger, this is not a happy marriage is made of. For that monkey wrench thrown in, I wanna check it if this is the end for Lorelei's string of bfs/lovers and the end of the Gilmore Girls series...



Sorry everyone. I haven't been updating this site much lately. I've been keeping tabs of recent TV shows that I like to watch, but with work and everything else that often gets in the way...well, here's a less than in-depth review of some of the shows I've seen this past couple of weeks (or so):

Veronica Mars = after the third season opener episode, this show didn't really tickle my fancy and I haven't seen an episode since!

Gilmore Girls = and here I thought this chick series was off to a good start, but I am starting to see the same ol' pattern in Lorelei Gilmore's love life yet again; she's back with Christopher again. How many times will she be going through a relationship with how many different men every season, building up to an almost marriage then ending up with Lorelei suffering from cold feet? It's getting way too redundant for my taste!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigations = this season's off to a dark start. Grey's Anatomy is sure killing this long-time #1 Thursday night drama series in US rating, but I heard here in Canada this show's doing good in ratings. So far so good; at least they aren't focussing too much on the Grissom/Sara relationship although they're showing a soft spot of Grissom for Sara.

Smallville = Oliver Queen is a hottie! And he's not really a bad guy. He and Lois Lane sure are meant for each other. And I am sick and tired of Lana Lang; Lex Luthor's starting to grate on my nerves now too, but at least the Lex/Clark Friendship's been dissolved now -- too bad it was Lana who ruined that so-called friendship between those two.

I am still keeping my eyes open and in tune for other series on TV. When I am more 'in the zone' I'll be posting an in-depth review of other series I've seen.