SMALLVILLE Ep. 6-002 "Sneeze"

Rating: 3

Lois & Clark... FINALLY sparks starts flying between this two characters (not that the sparks fizzled out when Lois Lane [Erica Durance] was first introduced I believe back in the series' 4th season; believe me, I saw the first episode she was in and...daime, I wished they'd work the Lois & Clark love story into it). Their first interaction at the beginning of this season, albeit a short and somewhat cheesy scene, gave me the tingles inside. Of course Lois & Clark Kent [Tom Welling] will get together, but seeing them interact at the stage before they both ended up working for the Daily Planet just makes the whole Lois & Clark pairing worth watching. -grins-

Anyway, Thursday night's episode is aptly titled SNEEZE, due to Clark's sudden 'illness' and blowing a barn door 7 miles from the Kent Farm with one sneeze.

Surprise! It's a new Clark power discovered! Whoopee!

Actually after this series' first season I lost interest in it, even after they introduced Lois Lane as Chloe's [Allison Mack] cousin, I really lost my appetite for this series. I dunno why I decided to watch this season's opening episode. Maybe it had something to do with Lana [Kristen Kreuk] & Lex [Michael Rosenbaum] finally getting it on. It was foreshadowed in the first season episode (can't remember which one right now) that Lex has a thing for the popular girl, Lana Lang.

Now Lana's embroiled in the turbulent life of Lex Luthor, rich-boy extraordinaire, and...well I couldn't be more happier; they seem to have...well, seriously, I believe Lex is in love with Lana, but Lana...Kristen's acting doesn't really appeal to me. It leaves me feeling...well, very unsatisfied with the way she delivers her lines, her facial expressions...the only episode I enjoyed watching her in was when she turned to a vampire, but in other episodes...she lacks...let's just say she needs to work more on her facial expressions. She comes across as flat to me.

Clark with Chloe or Clark with Lois illicted more giggles from me than seeing Clark with Lana!

Anyway, Thursday night's episode was entertaining. It rejuvinated my waning interest in Smallville, but this season promises to be something WORTH tuning in to -- again. But we'll see...


VERONICA MARS Ep. 3-001 "Welcome Wagon"

Rating: 3

For the firts time since this show's debut 2 years ago I watched an entire episode of this popular 'sleeper' hit series. I heard so much about this one (having two pals who are addicted to this series could sure help keep a gal updated), and almost every time I tune in to Entertainment Tonight or some such shows I'll hear something about this show or whatnot.

It's a so-so show; it didn't really get me hooked until like the last 10-15 minutes of Tuesday night's season three opener. Heck, I wouldn't have watched it if Gilmore Girls didn't precede it. I was surprised to see "Mac" played by that girl from Andre and Corrina, Corrina. But after seeing the teaser trailers for the 3rd season opener I figured, what the heck? Let's check out what has gotten two of my gal pals hooked on this show.

The dialogue was cool, in my standards anyway. I like the way Veronica (Kristen Bell) talks. And there was that cheesy, but cute line between Veronica & Piz (Chris Lowell) after she gave him a lift to the police station (it has something to do with Mars riding a Saturn in Neptune -- and Veronica replied using the lovely and always pun-worthy planet, Uranus, before switching to the next scene inside the police station).

But with the sharp dialogue aside, the pace was...oh blubber! That's all I can say about that with a matching eye-rolling to give more emphasis. Good thing I was doing some crafts stuff otherwise I would've turned my T.V. off before I could reach the (in my opinion) best part: when Kendall (Charisma Carpenter) got into...let's just say there's a mess involving her (don't wanna spoil the episode for those who hasn't seen it yet) and Keith (Enrico Colantoni) witnessed it. And another push that got this third season opener episode rolling was Parker (Julie Gonzalo), Mac's (Tina Majorino) player roommate, waking up to something very horrific (again, not wanting to spoil the show for those who hasn't seen it yet).

Kristen Bell is still cute (no wonder my cousin's crushing on her BIG TIME). I really love her character's cool, cocky demeanor. She made Veronica seem adorably...in your face? I couldn't help but just like Veronica! But Veronica & Logan's (Jason Dohring) scenes didn't give me the giggles. Granted last Tuesday's episode is my first FULL VM episode I watched, their cute scene in the beginning when Logan said something about making Veronica a 'butch' after they watched a Clint Eastwood marathon wasn't the stuff giggle-factors create. Heck, I giggled more while watching two characters from Bones interact and play down this 'sizzling' attraction (and it's my first time watching an entire episode of it too -- but that's for another review) than watch Veronica & Logans' scenes (I saw clips of their first kiss and THAT was giggle-icious!).

Overall, I say the last few minutes of Tuesday night's episode saved this show for me. Now I wanna watch next week's episode and find out how our college super sleuth sniff out a campus serial rapist...

Critique/Review Ratings

Since I am gonna be 'bashing' or 'praising' some shows that catches my fancy, I thought I might as well set up a ratings guide to let you know what each rating means.
5 = TV Worth Watching
4 = Close, But No Cigar...
3 = I'll Check Out the Next Episode & See How THAT Fares...
2 = Almost Passed-Out There!
1 = I Can't Believe I Wasted My Time Watching This JUNK!

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Anyway, for a person who rarely watches TiVo these days (blame it on the overly used reality TV shows out there), there are times when a person just wants to channel-surf and land on a certain TV station/channel where some yet to be discovered show that is not a reality TV show/series catches his/her attention.

I'll be blogging about my take on certain shows/series this season. There are quite a lot of good ones out there and...well, I am soooo hungry for some television series/show that is not based on some reality scenario (please, Survivor was aight even though I didn't give 2-figs about it the first time this show aired a gazillion years ago!).

I am finding myself drawn to watching television these days so on an almost weekly (if not daily) basis I'll be sharing with ya'll my thoughts, complaints and whatnots regarding the various TV series episodes I happen to catch on the tube.