'07 Changes....

First and foremost let me all wish you a very wonderful New Year! It's 2007 already and I think this blog of mine needs to go through some changes.

What kinda changes, you ask?

Oh, nothing drastic, rest assured. I just decided that since I like to rant and complain and disect each and every show, series, movies and...heck, sometimes music videos of certain popular performers of today, I might as well make this my page for ranting about everything Hollywood. -LoL- What do you think?

Oh, I already have my first rant of the year. I'm just itching to get it out and...well, it's not really that big of a deal, but it just annoys me coz you can't seem to read or watch anything on TV that doesn't talk about it -- and you'll soon find out what I'm blabbering about shortly.

So, happy new year to you all and may this year bring us more...juicy topics to talk about! -LoL-

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