OK, ya'll know about this uber mess between Rosie O'Donnell and real-estate mogul, Donald Trump, right? It was fuelled by The Donald's decision to let this Miss America winner keep her crown even though she came out as an...uhm...well, she went to rehab for whatever reason it was that she made such controversy for herself (last I heard she was going to pose for Playboy magazine -- with The Donald's blessings!!!!).

Anyway, for those of you who are in the 'know' about this situation, what do you think?

IMO, I think both the Donald and the Rosie (yeah, gotta brand her with something) are idiots. They're a couple of kids roughing it up in the schoolyard or something. I don't support the Donald's decision because that's just a messed-up thing to do -- especially in the BEAUTY PAGEANT WORLD!!!

I mean, wasn't a former Miss Universe de-crowned or something because she gained weight? Or was it because it turns out she was a mother? Can't remember the nasty details right now about what exactly happened there, but didn't Vanessa Williams (the singer and that nasty boss on Ugly Betty) got the boot too when it was published that she posed nude for some magazine prior to her being crowned Miss America? If stories of such 'beauty queens' getting de-crowned because of the aforementioned offenses, I think whatever this current Miss America chick did was way worse than posing nude or gaining weight OR becoming a single mother!!!!

Jeezums! The Donald really screwed up BIG TIME by being way too effing lenient to this damn effing controversial Miss America winner! I think the chick's probably screwing him on the side hence why he was lenient with her 'antics'. But that's just IMO.

Overall I say these two morons better put a sock in their cakeholes and just get on with their life. Rosie O'Donnell became an annoyance since she quit her talk show. Heck, I couldn't even stand her at all when she was still on that talk show of hers, but she did bring in a few good guests (and her obsession with Tom Cruise always promised a visit from the man himself!).

OK, I just wanna let this annoyance of mine out of my system because...jeezums! They're both how old? Pushing sixty or seventy for The Donald and pushing fifty for The Rosie?


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