"The Lost Room"

A detective investigates a mysterious motel room, which acts as a portal to alternate universe.

Rating: 5

I am not really a sci-fi fanatic, but I tend to enjoy watching movies/shows/series/minis about the paranormal or supernatural just as long as they were done in good taste and the gore justifies the plot of the story -- not because a lot of people these days are sadistic pricks who loves to see peoples' heads get chopped off or whatnot.

When I saw a preview for this 3-part mini series while watching one of the evening shows with my mom some time last week, I was intrigued by it. And my mother, knowing my taste so darn well, knew I'd be interested in it and voiced it out. I didn't pay much heed to it since I usually miss out watching these so-called 'interesting' shows that irked my fancy.


Simple. I see a preview for it days in advance, store it at the back of my head, then LIFE happens and I forget about it. -LoL- You'd think I'd sit down and write it in my agenda book or something, right?


I ain't really much of a TV-watcher these days. I have a set day or days when I am going to glue myself in front of the television, and that's only when my fave shows (the ones I watch every week almost religiously) is/are on. Other than that, I'd be lucky to turn on my TV to watch something other than one of my numerous DVD movies! -LoL-

So anyway, back to the movie (which was awesome, by the way), I was sitting watching Stargate SG-1 over at the Space Channel (it was Monday night and I was bored; I dunno why I was even watching TV that night). I was browsing for what other shows are there to watch when I found out tha The Lost Room will follow the show I was watching. Well, ain't I lucky, eh? I almost forgot about it until I saw it on my screen.

Anyway, so yeah, I waited until 7:00 pm when it finally came on. Usually movies that irked my interest in previews tends to not have a very good follow-through when I start watching it (I base my interest in it on whether I'll get hooked on it during its first 5 minutes or not), but this show...well, let's just say that I was hooked on it and I wanted to find out exactly what the heck was going on. Mind you I had to switch channels back and forth 'coz something else that caught my interest was showing in another channel (gawd, don't you just hate different networks showing all these good shows at the same time?!), but overall I ended up sticking to watching this show and was thankful when the continuation (each episode was 2 hours long) will be shown the following evening as opposed to most 2 or 3-part series that gets shown once a week.

I was confused about the Legion and the Order. I wasn't sure whether the Legion were the good guys or the bad guys and same goes with the Order. I was thrown into the confusion and experiencing the feelings Joe Miller (Peter Krause) was feeling by taking a leap of faith, so to speak, and trusting or not trusting this character or that.

By the end of the first episode I was unsure if one of the good guys, the homicide doctor helping Joe and his partner on the case, was good or bad. But it was soon resolved in the second episode. Also, the question about whether the Legion or the Order should be trusted or not was answered in the second episode. There was a twist in the third episode; something so predictable and yet I chose not to believe it until that scene appeared and the dialogues were spoken.

I will not divulge any more of this story's plot. It was a good show. Very well done. And I noticed that it was directed by TWO directors (the third episode was handled by a different director). Nevertheless it all stayed within context. The ending left me wondering; there were some loopholes left unchecked and I wonder...will there be a sequel to this? Will Joe be one of the Objects now?

If this goes on sale I'll buy it! -LoL-

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