Supernatural Ep. 7-009 "Croatoan"

Rating: 4
I watched the series premier of this show last year and I have to admit, I was freaked out by the storyline. I ain't much a fan of this type of genre shows/movies, but for some reason I found myself drawn to it.
Maybe it had something to do with Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki -- two hottie young actors whom I assume both hailed from Texas. Anyway, aside from the two aforementioned leads of this series being eye-candies, I kinda stopped watching it after the third episode from season one (the series was good, but my heart can handle only so much suspense, ya know?).
This season, however, I found myself getting back to watching the series yet again.
In last night's episode Dean (Jensen Ackles) must come face to face with his demons and either kill or be killed when his little brother, Sam (Jared Padalecki) got infected by the demonic virus that wiped out an entire small town in Oregon.
Although the person 'carrying' the virus was kinda predicatable (if you've seen that teen-flick The Faculty with Josh Hartnett & Elijah Wood from way back in the late '90s you'll know what I'm talking about here), the twist in the end (which I ain't going to spoil for those of you who haven't seen the episode yet) was kinda unexpected. But I did get the feeling that it wasn't over yet; the brothers couldn't have escaped such peril without further casualties.
Mind you Sam escaped a near-death experience after his blood was mixed with the psycho nurse, but that was only expected. There was a heart-to-heart moment between the brothers when Dean gave the keys to his precious car to the civilian he befriended and was the only one not infected and stayed behind to be with Sam.
Dean started off telling Sam that he was sick and tired of the chase; he wanted to 'retire' from demon hunting, but he knew he couldn't. Of course Sam played a big role in him not wanting to quit just yet. It was the mystery their father told Dean before he passed away in the first episode of this season.
Now it wasn't revelead by the 'Yellow-Eyed Demon' was after Sam to begin with, but Dean obviously knows, only he wouldn't tell Sam. He did, however, mention to his brother that he made a promise to their father before he passed away about something concerning Sam. And like all series wanting to keep their audience at the edge of their seats, that was how last night's episode ended.
Suffice to say I'm hooked on the series and this time I'll do my damnedest to watch each and every episode this season to understand what the heck's going on! -LoL-

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